Wolf Proof - protective vests for dogs against wolf attack

Because the vest based on an electrical protection it is easy and smooth both for the dog to wear and for the handler to dress the dog with the vest. The two-piece design provides a good fit with great flexibility in every size. In addition, the vest can be contracted or subcontracted if it the dog will vary in scope during the years.

The electrical protection becomes active only when there's a bite, otherwise the vest harmless for both dog and handler even if it gets wet. The trigger is automatically uploaded and is quickly ready to strike new shock again and again, if it would be more wolves that attack. The electronics are easy to handle by "touch buttons" and the vest contains a rechargeable battery. The vest is very easy and smooth. To a large male dog weighs the vest with battery about 7 hg. Even the dogs who are not used to carry the vest have so far got used very quickly with its Wolf Proof vest.